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About Us

About Yoga Guru (Founder)

Param Pujya Swami Veerraghvachaya Ji is one of the pioneer Indian Yoga masters who introduced meditation and Kriya Yoga, born on early nineteenth century. Swami Ji was a counterpart of Mahesh Yogi and both yoga gurus were basic founder in Rishikesh at Himalayan region. Swami ji was a great Indian Yoga guru and sprituallyteacher. Sri swami ji was one of the brilliant prolific spiritual personalities of India. Swami ji was a great yogi, philosopher and ascetic.

Swami ji one of the greatest Gurus has known and esteems even now, is the great. He is very much practised of reputed the Geeta,the Ramayana, the Brahma Sutras and the Puranas, but also as the most exemplary sage of the greatest perfection one could imagine. He was a God-man, or we may say a man-God, whose powers and knowledge were unsurpassed. He could see the past, the present and the future at one stroke. He was a person endowed with cosmic-consciousness. Nothing was unknown to him, at any time, in all the realms of existence. This was the sage who blessed all of us.

The importance of Guru simply explain that our mind has not been purified without the “Guru Kripa”yet. It has not been burnt and burnished through the services of the Guru and the Upasana of God. I conclude with these few words that we require the grace of the Guru. And we had our great Master of Yoga, Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, nay we have Him even now, and I can confidently say that His Spirit is ruling this Ashram and is guiding the hearts of all His followers and devotees. His blessings are ever upon us, and God is with us.


Shreekanta (Organizer)

Mrs. Shreekanta is a Indian philosopher and organizer of "Pushkar Yoga Kender". She has delivered many lectures on Indian philosophy in United Kingdom. Mrs. Shreekanta has organising many social activities and visited many places of the world. She has more than 25 years experience in the field of social activities, consulting and research experience in the areas of Indian mythology and institutional strengthening capacity. Prior to establishing the yoga school which was founded by Swami ji in Pushkar mandir, with full functioning under the leader ship of her Guidance. She is bearing Master degree in English literature and yoga science.


Jay Prakash (Yogacharya)

Jay Prakash is an international "Yogacharya". He has excellent knowledge of yoga and naturopathy science. Jay has visited many countries and delivered lectures and practical classes. His expertise lecture on Yoga has been telecast during the 2006-2007 in Jilin, Chang Chun, China provenance. He is bearing M.A. and PG Diploma in Yoga Science & Human Consciousness with Naturopathy from Gurukul Kangari University. Haridwar(Uttrakhand) with 1st Div. He has also conducted many yoga workshops, seminar and yoga camps.